Tsunami hits Japan

I was browsing through my twitter this evening and I was shock to know that 8.6 scala of earthquake hit Japan and few minute later Tsunami start flooding the city. First few person in my mind at that time is Jaja and Nana. They stayed there due to hubbys working there. When I switch on the channel and all that I can do is just watch the news with my tears dropping. I’m so worried about them! YM Jaja and she did not reply. Half an hour later and she reppiled:

Jaja: Hana, I’m good alhamdulillah. Rumah is in a total mess. It freaks me out just now when the how’s is shaking!. I cried with baby. Ezzy (husband) is on his way back home and he need to walk from office to home due to all train need to stop the operation immediately. Ezzy’s office is one an half hours driving from home. If walking? Imagine! I’m so worried! And ill keep on updating from time to time. Please pray for us.

Ya Allah, my heart goes to all the victims in Japan. My mum is now in Bandung, Indonesia. I really hope that’s everything ok there. When I watch from youtube and news, my heart drops! Dear all my followers, please pray for their safety. Please..

To Jaja and Nana, if you are reading this please be strong. Kalian sentiasa dalam doa ku.

‘Ya Allah, lindungilah rakan2 ku serta kaum keluarga mereka di sana serta semua mangsa2 yang terlibat. Sesungguhnya Kau mengetahui alasan disebalik kejadian ini. Amiiiimmm’

First picture Jaja posted on her FB
  Bridge at Ibarak split to two! And there is car stranded there

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