First Sunday in March 2011

As usual when it come to Sunday it will be a riding day. Vrooomm vrooommm. Destination: Karak Highway. It is the favorite spot for bikers because of the corners!. Everytime we hit the Karak Highway, hubby normally ride on his Aprilia Tuono. It is a naked bike category. Eventhough I have my L B-full license (yes i have it already! hahahaha) but still gua banyak takut mau ride itu Karak! Hehehehe. This time round riding up and down Karak was fun because we followed the Shah Alam Bikers group which being lead by my former highschool teacher, Cikgu Nazri. Total of 8 bike from Shah Alam bikers and as usual along the way we will meet up with other bikers. Had our breakfast at Pekan Karak and hit back to Machinda KL to Shah Alam.

RV at Cili Merah

 That was our morning glory. At the evening, we attended our neighbor’s son birthday party. A’mmar enjoyed his evening with new friends and me too. I love my neighborhood so much! I feel so safe staying here. Anyway back to the party, it was cute and fun party i can say. The hubby is MAS Pilot and the wife is ex-FA. They are so humble and nice. Thanks for inviting us! *big hug*

Lynda and her birthday boy
Another good neighbor of mine- Hanim
The birthday boys..i love their jelly cake!
Emmy also came
Riding lesson with hubby
Son enjoying his dinner…haish

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