Panggilan ke Tanah Suci

InsyAllah we will be leaving for Umrah on the 21st March flying with Saudi. There will be 9 of us in our family group. I can’t wait! The last ever time I visit Tanah Haram was in 200o, I THINK. *tak ingat plak*. Well seriously its kinda long gap there ok. Ayah used to take us to perform our Umrah every year since i was in standard 2. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Ayah. Ever since i entered college and busy with daily life, it is hard for me to fix my time with my parents to perform our Umrah. Barangkali tak de jemputan dari-Nya kot. Since that my parents still owe us a honeymoon trip, this year we are going! Yeay! Thank you Ayah and Mak!!!. Hubby and son will be going together as well. How cute my son will be when he is in Ihram. Hope everything will go well and this Saturday ada kursus Umrah. Another best part about this trip is that my friend Sheda, will be joining us as well! Alhamdulillah! Sure seronok. From time to time when there’s a time, ill go through the book about umrah to refresh back my memory. Haish. dah lupo den ni!. Will update more about the preparations later onwards.

My Umrah’s gang…Sheda
Kaabah for practical

*i promised to blog on Malay right? Errrr, i cant i think because i have followers all over the world beside from Malaysia…so HELLO FOLLOWERS!. DO DROP YOUR COMMENTS OK!! DON’T BE SHY OR SCARED! I WON’T BITE YOU..hehehe..

Have a nice day,
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