Good Luck Zafryna Zainal

Who is she? She’s my baby sister. Our parents are best friend and all four of us (me, her, her brother, my brother) grow up together. We are totally like sibling. Even though I am so proud of her yet I cried like a baby at the airport on her departure day. This is like our first ever time being far away from one another. Four of us had an awesome farewell lunch for her at Nando’s SACC. 
A’mmar call her Mak Adik

zafry (Abang) and Azman

There you go! 4 of us!
 Since that I totally have no idea what to buy, finally i bought her something VERY useful. Thanks to my friend Deeba for the suggention. I bought her 16gb iPad! Awesome right? Hehehe. 
Present time!

She likes it! Alhamdulillah
My prayers will always be with you Adik. Have fun in Tasmania and good luck sayang. i love you so much! *big hug*

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