Friend’s big day

WEdding day: Zul & Remee
Alhamdulillah. Finally he meet up with his life partner. I am so happy for you Zul. Well here’s a little bit of info about him. Zul was a Selangor sprinter. Way back in school time I was an athletic as well and there are session that we trained together. Was not that close until he join my husband’s paintball team- Team Banzaai Malaysia. His mother is the sprinter legend *cheewah!*. Datuk Mumtaz Jaafar. 
He’s married to a very nice girl from Satun Thailand. Met her once before the big when Zul brought her to our place. She’s sweet and nice. Lucky Zul!. She speaks Malay, English and Thailand fluently. The reception was held at Dewan Felda Perdana, Kuala Lumpur. A very nice touch by Radzwan Radzwil. And Remee look so flawless in RR’s dress!. Congratulation to both of you.
Album wont be complete without our vain picture..hehehe

Malaysian Spinter – Saifull

Arab and her gf

 Engagement day : Alia & Iwan

My darling college mate finally got engage to her handsome funny man. After 5 years of relationship finally she’s no more anybody’s bridesmaid but she’s the special person. I’m so happy for her! SO HAPPY!. The big day will be in October 2011 insyAllah. Hope everything will goes well. I love you gang (that’s what i call her)!

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