Individual Ethics

We are living in a high technology era where everything can be done by pressing using our finger tips only. Life is getting easier and simple. Media is the easiest agent to influence the formation of the individual ethics. Starting from 1980’s babies, they were brought up with media and technology everywhere. Internet, newspaper, magazines are part of their daily life today. With having those, a person actually learns about new things without being monitored by elderly and they always think that everything they did is right. By engaging own self with media wider than own family, it will result that most of the individual are anti-social. Even though life is getting easy and simple, child still need guidelines from their parents regarding any action that they attempted to do.
To my own opinion, every child that is born do have their own parents. So the most important factor that influences the formation of the individual ethics is their parents. They are the one who are responsible to brought up the kids the way it should be. Parents need to feed the child with the ethics base on culture and also social. Both need to be balance in order to have a good ethics in one individual. One of the late Malaysian legend, Tan Sri P.Ramlee once said ‘a young kid should be feed with good thing in their soul so that when they grow up if they got lost in the middle of the way, they can simply turn back to the right path’. What been planted in their soul since at the young age will be the guide line for them to live the life in the right way. Parents are the main key for every action that the kids do. As we can see in our way of living now, parents never care less about their children. They spoilt them by giving everything that they want like games or iphone. So it is not that impossible that the kids grow up with the media. Indirectly, the family made their kids to follow the media without them noticing it.



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