Hello 2011

Hello hello hello dear followers! I’m back! Sorry for not updating quite a long time due I need to catch up with lots of pending things. Anyway happy 2011 all!!!. Whoah, I’m gonna be 27 years old this year *feeling old*. But hey, age is just a number. Thank you Allah for another wonderful day and year.

So let’s see what had happened so far…
– recovered my 13days ride trip on the 1st day of the year by sleeping like nobody business.

– involved in a car accident near r&r Rawang just me and A’mmar. That’s why people always say ‘ngantuk berhenti!’. It happened 5am when we head back towards Shah Alam. Lucky us nothing happened only poor our beemer for the long scratch of divider *gulp!*.

– our steamboat restaurant going to start the renovation soon. *tick tock tick tock*

– my company, Quad Quarza sdn bhd is now officially operates at Seksyen 15 Shah Alam. Now we a furnishing the office.

– Ayah going to bring all of us including my A’mmar for Umrah trip. InsyAllah 14th-25th Feb. InsyAllah. My last trip was 2000.

– I pass all my papers for last semeter. 4B. And this semester I’m taking 5 bloody paper! *die*
– Hubby’s doctor declared that hubby’s leg is ok now. No need to come for any check up anymore. Doctor advice him to remove the plate in the bones because hubby is an active person. So insyAllah in March he’ll do the operation to remove the plate.

– mum need to undergo a minor operation on her neck soon. Pray for my wonder women! Love you Mak..

– 010111, my dad is officially not working anymore!. He decide to stop working and concentrate on Quad Quarza Sdn. Bhd.

– Happy to know that 3 of my friend are pregnant. Alhamdulillah. Congrats Along, Zaza and Nurul! Congratulation!

Better hit the sack now. Its Thaipusam day tomorrow. Yeay its public holiday! This means that it is a riding day!! Vroom vroom.

Shah Alam di hati ku..


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