Day 10: Trand Asia Ride 2010

‘Oh sh** I’m late for morning train!’. My plan was to wake up early to see the train market as the first train depart at 6.20am local time. When we arrive, the train just left *sigh*. Me, Kak Nor, Abg Din just walk around the market and head to the room to wait for the rest. A’sim woke up with an unhappy mood because his bike refused to start. Mechanic hunting! Oh gosh, its really a thrill thing to communicate like duck and dog. I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me until there’s people that I asked bring out the english-thai dictionary to understand what I’m talking about. I just want ‘mechanic’. Ahahah. Funny!

Waited for the train to arrive. A lot of tourist can be seen. Everybody was so excited when the train about to arrive. Me? Super excited! We go along the market and met with one Patani guy who own a chicken rice shop. Alhamdulillah. He help us to arrange our trip by tut-tut to floating market. 600baht for 6 person. A’sim put his motorbike at the workshop. Thanks again to the Patani guy. From our hotel to Damnoen Sadoak floating market took us 15minutes of tut-tut riding.

It is my first time experiencing floating market! *teruja*. 8baht per person for speed boat. According to what I read from internet, Damnoen Sadoak floating market is not the original one. The Ka floating market is the original place and it is only operate during weekend only. We only bought fridge magnets. 1piece for USD1 only.

We hit the highway heading to Chumphon right after floating market. It was a breezy weather and we were so sleepy. Once we arrive Chumpon, we grab our dinner first at muslim restaurant infront of Sri Chumpon Hotel. Its not a long day but sleepy day. Good night readers.

Love from,


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