Day 9: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Seam Reap-Samut Songkhram

‘Nasi lemak ayam goreng satu!’. Very yummy nasi lemak I had at D’wau. All bag are packed on the bike and our next destination is to Samut Songkhram. The main attractions there are the train market and floating market. Saw the documentary of the train market from Majalah3. The market is along the railway and on it. When the train about to approach, they will pull up whatever they are selling to the side.

Today is our lucky day because we can enter the Angkor Vat without purchasing tickets!. We entered it for free!. Lucky lucky us. Parked the bike infront of Angkor Vat and take as much photos as we can. *glamour plak*. It was cold when we were on the highway. Arrive at Poipet boarder after 2 1/2hour of riding. Boarder clearance was fine and continue hit the road to Samut Songkhram. Once we entered the Bangkok, the traffic was jam everywhere.

After 8 hours of riding, finally we arrive at Samut Songkhram. Sadly the only hotel in the town near the train market macam rumah tumpang Ah Keong! *sedih*. We checked in at Maek Leong ‘Hotel’. The bed as hard as stone and it is not confortable at all! :(. Another best thing is there’s no halal food at that town! Lucky there’s a 7eleven and Halal logo hunting!. Alhamdulillah, we got bread, sardine and sausages. Glad that I bring the electric stove. So we cooked for dinner.

Much love from,
Hotel tak best!


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