Day 8: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Again, we will be playing tourist today! *excited!*. Who would ever give a way on one of the 7wonders of the world? I won’t!. The main attraction in Seam Reap is Angkor Vat. We need to pay USD20 for the whole day fee entrance. Start of the day by hanging outside the Angkor Vat for sunrise. Very beautiful moment. Definitely it was cold. After that we had a funny breakfast. Of course there’s no halal food inside the compound. So we ordered coffee, toast and half boil egg. In our mind while waiting for the food, ‘aaahhh telur separuh masak..sedaaaappp..letak kicap dan garam memang layan..’. But our dream is only a dream because they serve us DUCK EGGS! Omg!, at our place we only eat salted duck egg (telur asin). To avoid hungryness, tutup hidung dan telan *gulp*. Cannot go!!! *hahahahaha* Everybody on the table makes funny about it. Continue sight seeing for few other temples with total of 6hours!. Frankly every temple looks the same. Bricks here and there. Most of the temples need to be rebuild again because of the unstable structures. We bought ‘The Angkor Vat Guide Book’ which help us a lot regarding the temples.

Had KFC for lunch. The one and only KFC in Seam Reap and it is Halal! It is own by the Malaysian. *bangga*. Everybody went back to the room to rest and relax. For me and hubby, after we perform prayer we took tuk-tuk to Old Market. Nothing to buy since that we are more into Spa. So spa hunting make us happy to found out one perfect Spa for both of us. Boodia Spa. Very nice essential private baliness style spa *ha amik!*. We can choose our own aroma oil and we were serve with warm towel and hot tea as a welcome drink. Our room is at the roof top of the building in the ‘hut’. Very baliness! Pampered our self for almost 3hours and head home for dinner.

Dinner at the famous D’wau Reaturant where apparently the owner is Malaysian (of course) stayed at Platinum Seksyen 7 which is our house area! *jiran rupanya*. After a full dinner, all of us treat ourself with a shopping at old night market!. Similar to our Petaling Street concept but more interesting. Most of the shop sell almost similar thing. I bought a big black pants and I’m loving it! Start price is 20USD and I bargain untill 5USD *crazy*. And now it is mine! Before we head for bed, we had fish spa session for only 1USD *after bargaining from 4USD*.

Packed our bag and good night! Tomorrow another day on the road. *tua atas jalan la kami*

From Angkor Vat


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