Day 7: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Kampungcham-Siem Reap

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!. Very nice sun rise from our balcony. View of Mekong River. Preparing to take off to Siem Riep *cant wait!* We had a muslim breakfast at the market-nasi ayam. It was a sunny bright day and all of us were so sleepy! Drop by at Kampung Thom area to take 5. One guy drop by and ask ‘abang datang dari mana?’. He was a Malaysian student studied Islam in Dungun for 4 years. He speak very fluent malay language. He’s now own a cow farm there.

Afater 20minutes of rest, we hit the road again like a walking rock zombi. After Kampung Thom, we can only see rubber trees all around us. It is a very nice view but us zombies are so sleepy! *yaaawwwnnn*. Checked in at the New Riverside Hotel where the owner of the hotel is sister to the owner of Mekong Riverside Hotel that we stayed yesterday. We got a very nice vip room with a good price. *we need a beauty rest*

Rush to the room, take bath, pray and 30minutes later we are set in the van on the way to ‘floating village’. Tika (the hotel owner) recomaned us to go there instead of floating market. Its is my first time experiencing and visit the floated houses. *jakun+batak+perak*. Very tall wooden houses and feel like being in the Pochahantas movie *giggles*. All of them are fisherman. I request to stop at one of the village to see their lifestyle. Boys are playing football, womens are busy cooking, man go out for fishing and the kids are all over the place playing with each other. Eventhough its a wooden house but I really love the house so much! Very nice! The houses got no doors. Water supply are of course from the river. They will pump the water up to the house and filtered it. They even have a floating school, library, restaurant and clinic. They cook the food by using a woods or cachole (for those have extra money). No electricity. They use generator or battery. At night they will light up the woods and let them float. When the insect come near, they died and the fish will eat the insects. Villagers will put on the net at the floating fire woods to catch the fish.
They don’t go to mainland unless they want to sell the fish. Usually the mainland people will bring dry food like chicken, vegetable, salts or sugar to the floating village and exchange with the wet food such as fish or prawn. Sounds familiar? Yeah they still using the system barter concept. Interesting! 10usd per person. 15km from our hotel.
It is worth of experience. Definitely wil recommend to friends.

We had dinner at Family Muslim Restaurant. Food was so nice. Had kangkong belacan, pari lemak nenas, sotong pedas, sayur campur. Buffet style. Met few malaysian there. Interestingly, one of the family who the father is a Datuk, don’t even talk and chit chat with us compare to other Malaysian. *hebat sangat ke?*. Some Malaysian are so arrogant when they travel overseas. *ergh*. The entrance of the restaurant is Neak Mak mosque. 5km from hotel – 10minutes. USD5 per person.

We went to the Siem Reap night market by bike. Shop something for the house and as usual ‘pampering session’ at spa. Ah, I just love it. Can’t get the cheap price + good service like here in Malaysia.

Love from,
Siem Reap


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