Day 6: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Ho Chi Minh city-Kampungcham

So not fun waking up in the morning and preparing to check out from Ho Chi Minh city. :(. Back to our riding suit and had breakfast at the hotel. Tailor came to pass A’sim suit. Took us 2hours from Saphire Hotel-Bavet (boarder). Ladies hop on to the van with Han and Dat. Man ride on their bike. I slept along the way to get more energy late *cheeewah!*.

Its time to say goodbye to Han and Dat. Me and hubby gave him USD10 as a tips. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Our next destination is Kampungcham. About 3hours from Bavet. As usual the road condition after Bavet is bad! Holes everywhere. About 2hours on the road, Abg Din’s Versys tyre punctured! Lucky the workshop is very nearby. (Sempat lagi nak ambil gambar dengan owner kedai). The weather so hot! An hour later, our bike can’t start after we filled up the petrol. Stop by at the nearest workshop for about 20minutes to fix his bike. The mechanic don’t want us to pay but he want Ringgit Malaysia for souvenir. So we gave him RM5.

Finally we arrive at Kampungcham. 400km more to reach Angkor Wat. We check in at Mekong Hotel facing the Mekong River for only USD15. Had a halal dinner at Mariya Restaurant a row with our hotel. We are such a lucky people to meet a local people who can speak malay. Almost all the restaurant we went, surely there will be someone who can speak malay. Alhamdulillah.
I’m so tired. Feels like just having a paintball tournament!. Ketaq lutut! *heheheh*. Going to enjoy my dinner now.



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