Day 5: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Woke up and in the mood of being a tourist. *i am right?!* heheheh. Had a lovely breakfast at the top of the hotel with a view of Ho Chi Min City. Eventhought it is non-halal dishes *obviously*, you still have a choice to take omelets, cereals and bread. Today is a city tour day. Me and hubby really enjoy it and it is our favorite thing to do when traveling-sight seeing.

1. Independence Palace
Vietnam’s first President residential and administration center.

2. Nothre Dame Cathedral Church
About 100 years old. On Christmas eve, Vietnamese will gather around the Church to celebrate it. One of the old and famous Church.

3. Saigon Post Office
Nothing special about it but it is an old building and still in use now.

4. Lunch at Bombay
Own by an Indian Muslim. She’s old already. Very nice food. We had kind of nasi arab.

5. Chinese Temple

6. War meseum
Very well done the way they present to the tourist about the Vietnam War. All over you can see only pictures. Pictures won’t like a thing and it really hurts me to see what American did to the Vietnamese. Pity the small young kids been shot alive!. Vietnamese been abuse and tortured really bad. I feel SO sad!. I bought a book about one of the survival of the war. ‘The girl in the picture’. Photos of herself who was on fire were running towards the cameramen during the war. The picture was held up at Toronto tabloid “The photograph that shocked the world”. Her picture was seen around the world and it is most of the unforgettable image. *pity*.

7. Ben Thanh Market
Night market! I only bought accessories! I love it so much and I can bargain as much as I can *hehehheh*. A’sim made his suit and tomorrow morning the tailor will send to him which cost him only USD80!! *cheap!*.

8. Dinner at Ali Baba
Another muslim restaurant. We had naan, tandoori and beriyani. Perfect dinner for the last night in Saigon.

9. Coffee session
All 6 of us had a coffee session together along with Dat. Discuss about tomorrow’s route.

10. Spa session
Me, hubby, kak nor and abg din had a most pampering and relaxing spa ever! Own by a chinese Singaporean. Very nice and cozy place. We had facial, head massage, neck massage, foot massage, back massage, warm stones on our back bone and of coz a hot tea for a bye-bye. Its a perfecto 1 1/2 hour of pampering session and it cost us ONLY USD11 (RM38)! You definitely can’t get that full relaxing package anywhere in Malaysia!. Thank you hubby!

That’s all. I’ve done packing and tomorrow we are heading to Phnome Phane or Siem Riepe (Angkor Wat). Oh dear!, I miss everybody at home and of coz I my baby A’mmar.

HCM City


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