Day 4: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Pho Paris Hotel – Ho Chi Min City

According to GPS and also Von, from the hotel only took us 1hour to the ferry and another 2hours to the Bavet Boarder. ‘Its gonna be a fun ride because it is near and I can’t wait to see Ho Chi Min City.

I had roti telur for breakfast at Tasnim Restaurant (halal food) same row as our hotel. It is amazing to see the Cambodian life style in that city. Slightly different from the outskirts area.

To exit the Phnomne Phane City, my bike lead the way since we have the map in our hand. *terasa sangat hebat pegang map. Padahal jalan lurus je*. It is a busy city. Thanks to the map for making our life easier. Oh GPS? None of ours can detect the road in that city. So weird!. We need to get on the ferry to cross to the other side of Cambodia to enter Vietnam. 500Riel (RM0.50) per bike and 100Riel (RM010) per pillion. While waiting for the ferry *lucky we need to wait for 5 minutes only*, a lot of small kids and old women asking for money *mintak sedekah*. I can’t stand watching then bugging us for money. Feels like giving but better don’t or else ill cost havoc. We were on board with lorries, trucks and people asking for money. They also sells food AND I saw this one lady selling cengkerik goreng! *eeeiiiwwww*.. There’s one paddy bag dropped from the lorry, if Malaysian we don’t even bother to look at it but for them, they RUSHED and PUSHED each other to grab as many paddy as they can. From there you can imagine how hard their life are. Ferry took us around 10 minutes only to cross the river and another 2 super bad road condition hours, we arrived at Bavet. I was so happy! Congrats to the riders for having a good mental preparation.

Both boarder are nice. They have a proper custom buildings and most of the officers can speak english. I feel kind of like home when we enter the boarder. No culture shocked like we were at Thai and Aranyaphrathet. Alhamdulillah. Everything very smooth. To enter the Vietnam by bike, u need to have an Vietnamese to guide you in. Abang Daniel have arrange everything before we depart from Malaysia. Our tour guide name is Han. We need to follow his van towards hotel which he said 70km from boarder. All 3 bikes have their new registration number. We can’t ride our bike in Ho Chi Min because of the traffic madness. Park our bike at hotel and we’ll tour around with Han in his van. The maximum speed here is 50km/h.

On the bike dearly can’t wait to check in to our hotel. The road that we took was a narrow road and I’m wondering ‘is this the road to the big city?’. We pass through the Vietnam Wars soldiers cemetery and I kind of sense something where we are heading to. I’m right! We stopped at Cu Chi Tunnel. A MUST place to visit when you are here. But I’m not hoping to got straight away after a long ride, the boots, riding pants and smelly yummy smells of us! Since we’ve already there, we just proceed the plan. Interesting place. Full of excitement. Vietnamese are very brilliant. A lot of underground tunnels! They explain about the process to dig the tunnels. All are made by soil and they have 3 layer of it. Cu Chi Tunnels dikawal oleh militaries. Not tourisms. While we were perfoming our prayers, one of them came to us and say NO! When we ask why? He mumbling in his own language and we continue praying. Ahahaha. Its not a sin ok!
Thanks to our tour guide Dat for help us explaining to the milliltorist. Ladies hop in the van, man on the bike and of we go to the hotel. Banyak gila motor compare to cars! Menakutkan!!! Dah kot kot dlm van sure nak tido but I can’t sebabnya teruja tengok traffic diorg.

The hotel is nice. In the city center it self. Saphire Hotel. We got 45minutes to settle up everything before dinner time. I put on my black pull up pants, orange 21forever t-shirt and a black binee to cover up my hair *harus ke bagitau?*. Hehehe. We had a wonderful nice dinner at ‘Halal @ Saigon’. The owner is Malaysian -Dr.Shimi-. Lucky us becuase the owner is there. Very nice and humble person. Also met up with few Malaysian who come here for holiday. They were shocked to know that we ride to Vietnam. After the dinner, Dat brought us walk around the city heading back to the hotel. SUPER happening and busy city! I love it! So many motorbikes on the road. I saw so many people taking photos infront of the famous boutiques such as LV and Gucci. I thought they are queuing for free gifts or something since it is close to Christmas. According to Dat, they are taking pictures infront of the boutiques because they can’t afford it. 30minutes of walking, me and hubby stop by at the massage center to pampered ourself. Its a call of for today. Tomorrow gonna be a sight seeing and touring day.

Ho Chi Min city


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