Day 3: Trans Asis Ride 2010

‘Its gonna be a bumpy ride today. Be prepared’. That’s what hubby told me in the morning. He said base on his experience when he ride to Laos. Maggie is always everybody’s favorite during traveling. That’s our breakfast for today. Hit the road from Aram Pink Hotel to Poypet Boarder at 9am to settle the boarding pass documents. It really gave me a shock to see such a different environment at the boarder. Its like Malaysia 60 years ago. Either man or women they are the same in a way they do things. They can simply pull a heavy duty carrier with their own hand and shoulders. Kuat sangat!. Even the kids can pull such a heavy things! I don’t think I can pull it on my own. The process at the boarder was smooth. Alhamdulillah. At the boarder it was kind of busy people come in and out and very dusty and the traffic was WOW! Very confusing!. Most of them are very helpful. Met with one of the Cambodian custom officer who send his daughter studying at APIT College Bukit Jalil. He loves Malaysia. ‘Good luck to you guys’. That’s what they said when we said our last CP will be vietnam. They must think we are crazy. Ahahah.

The road heading Phnome Phane is as straight as ruler! They use donkey and buffalo as their transportation. They even can sleep on the top of the lorry contains with full loaded stuffs. ‘Kubota’ or known as machine pajak sawah can be seen along the road. It is use as their transportations. I don’t know how to explain but will upload the photos later. The way the drivers and riders drive is so freking scary! *hati kering siot*. Lorry taking over another lorry without care about another car or motorcycle coming. The weather was so hot and I was so sleepy. But I can’t simply fall asleep because of the drivers and riders behaviors on the road.

After 6hours of riding, we stop at one mosque. Its a muslims village. Lucky us because 2 of them can speak malay fluently because they stayed at Malaysia for 4 years (working). 20minutes break and stretching, off we go to Phnome Phane. Such a bumpy road but hubby said can’t beat Laos. Driver and motorcyclist Cambodian is superly sick!. It is full of dust all over the place. About 80km from Phnome Phane city, its already dark and amazingly there are NO STREETS LIGHT. Can you imagine with the Cambodian road behavior+no street light? You don’t wanna know! Because it really made you suffer from breathing anxiety!. This is where the 3 riders and pillion need to be super alert. Because you never know what’s crossing infront of you.

Arrive at Phnome Phane city at 8pm. Since we arrive night time, I don’t have any idea what does the city looks like but all I know it is full with dust and havoc traffic. Halal food hunting is not easy. To make things easy we need to ask around and luckily there’s people to help us. Had our yummy dinner at City Cat. Hubby’s friend (Von) come and pay for our dinner. They met each other 3weeks ago in Putrajaya. Von participate in the mountain bike challenge. He got his own driver / bodyguard!. Ladies hop on to his jeep and man on the bike heading to Pho Pho Hotel. Only USD16. We had a Thai massage as well for USD8. All I can is that it is such an adventurous route so far!. Off to dream land now. Tomorrow we will be entering Vietnam. Good night!

Today distance: 420km
Yesterday distance: 760km

Love from,
Phnome Phane, Cambodia


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