Day 2: Trans Asia Ride 2010

Orange is our color today. Thank you to my cousin Jeremy for designing our ride shirts. Very nice and comfortable dry-fit material.. We had our breakfast in the hotel room by eating the left over dinner yesterday (save budget). Today weather is so fantastic! No more rain but sunny breezy ride. We hit the road heading Bangkok. Most of Muslim tourists, food is what are concern more while traveling. Symbol moon and star represents the muslim’s restaurant in this region. There are so many factory outlets along the way. I really want to stop and shop but we just can’t coz we are not traveling by lorry! *hehehe*. So Hana, shut your eyes and focus for the next CP!. I can say that most of the trucks and cars in this area quite nice and creative. Some of it you can’t even find it in Malaysia. Hihi. Motorcyclist here can simply not putting on their helmet while riding. But when it comes to big town like Bangkok, the one sitting in front need to put it on and the pillion have an option. *tak sayang nyawa kot*. The interesting part here, motorcyclist do not have any problem on riding with 3 or more person on the same motorcycle! They look REALLY comfortable on it! Since I’m the official camera women and journalist (self appraising!), my job is to snap as much photos as I can. Apparently, my battery died once we entered Bangkok! Really frustrating because another 2 pillion are not brave enough to snap while riding. They did snap but not so much. Thanks to my Blackberry Smartphone so I can continue snapping. Saw Petronas station which make me feel so like in Malaysia. *how I miss Malaysia so much*. Since Day1, we don’t see any accident but once we enter Bangkok area (outskirt of Bangkok), massive traffic and bumper to bumper accident!. Exactly like KL. We need to go through the massive traffic for about 2hours which approximately 46km distance. Sick right? Tell me about it!. We had 20 minute break at Shell to perform our prayer accompanied with a ‘wonderful’ smell *babi*. Continue our journey for about 180km heading to Aranyaprathet (very near to Cambodia’s boarder). Look up on the sky and the moon is beautiful. Reminds me of my son A’mmar. I miss him so much!. Tummy making a little concert since we haven’t take any meal for lunch. Alhamdulillah there’s a muslim restaurant at Aranyapraphet and the owner can speak Malay! As usual, tom yam khung is the main dish. Hotel searching session fun *not!*. The first attempt was Aran Mermaid Hotel 950baht. Arround RM100. Expensive because we arrive at 10pm and plan to check out early morning tomorrow. I think most of the hotel here kind of expensive because its near to the boarder (tourist attraction). Finally a brand new hotel 400baht. And we are checking in!. Good night people. Love you. Thanks for the doas. Amiiiinnn.


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