Day 1: Trans Asia Ride 2010

All 3 bikers CP at my inlaw’s place. We start our journey sharp 8am. It is so hard to leave my son but I need a vacation as well! :). We arrive at Bukit Kayu Hitam’s gate an hour later. Alhamdulillah everything went well and smooth. We had our breakfast after the boarder gate. It is my first time consuming rice AFTER 2weeks leaving it. (Need to eat or else ill suffer with hunger!). Hahaha.
All 3 bikes are Kawasaki Versys, Kawasaki KLE and Honda Varadero. We are all hubby and wify! :). Once we had breakfast, we hit the highway 4 towards North heading to our last CP – Chumpon. It was raining heavily along the way. And my ass really hurt so much. Maybe I haven’t yet get use to the new bike. Still more days to learn. Will be riding up to total of 11days. From Malaysia-Thailand-Vietnam-Cambodia!. We did stop by along the way for a rest and perform our prayer. There’s one stop we had durian. It is SO BIG. Triple the size of our local durian. But it is tasteless. *bluwek!!* Alhamdulillah after 12hours on the road, finally we check in at Chunpon Garden Hotel. 490baht (RM49) per room. Now we are having our dinner at one of the muslim restaurant. Meet 2 Malaysian rider who just came back from 1000corner. One thing I can say is that, Malaysia still the best country ever. Be grateful because you definitely don’t want to live they way what I’ve seen along the way while riding. I can only upload pictures once I’m back from the ride. Ok, I need a beautiful rest because tomorrow we are going to continue riding for another 500km heading to Aranyapratet- boarder Cambodia.

*mind my grammar..will continue update for day 2 ride*


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