The journey starts NOW

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I am blogging from my inlaw’s place in Alor Star. It is 2.15am. waiting for another 2 more bike to arrive. My husband and Abang Daniel+wife. A’mmar is sleeping silently and my body is so tired. Yet, I am so excited for the ride to begin like few more hours. Will start our journey approximately 7am and straight to Thailand. Which part of Thailand? Will update you guys later. InsyAllah, ill keep on updating the blog from day to day. Please pray for our safety from begining to the end. Amiinnn. My inlaws will take care of A’mmar when we are away untill New Year. Thanks to them. And I surely miss my parents and brother back home.
*keep on reading my blog for updates and check out the photos at my facebook ok*

Before i hit back to Kedah this morning, had a wonderful breakfast with bestiest. Love you makcik makcik

Need to have this to enter Thailand. Did this at Caltex Gurun


My darling son. Surely gonna miss you kiddo. Please behave ok. Love you so so so so much muchachos!!


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