Outing with the boys

We start our day by having a lovely breakfast with the gang at Restaurant Hartini Sekyen 10 Shah Alam. I think we should do this for weekly basis. 
with my favorite boys
Eppy & Dilla
They really good in shopping comparing to my mum!. They spend like A LOT on that day at One Utama. The boys are my dad, hubby, brother in law and son. My mum got function on that night with her friends. We shop Ayah’s shoeS, had a wonderful Italianese dinner, and husband bought Ic Berlin’s shade for me!. It is my first ever time to have my own original expensive shade. 
First stop

His favorite
I ❤ all of them but I need to choose one only
One for me and one for him
Buah hati Atok
The Boys
WOW! Thanks hubby. I super love it so much! Thank you Ayah for the dinner and thank you son for behaving well.

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