Natrah + Japanese Dinner

Finally I got to watch Natrah 2. We went for the matinees show (3pm-6pm). Thank you to Jaie for the tickets and such a nice sitting area. We thought we were late because Jaie only arrive at 3.15pm (tickets are with him) and lucky us that when we entered the hall, show haven’t start yet. ‘There must be a VIP today. That’s why the show hasn’t started yet’. Surprise surprise!, the VIP are our next door neighbor!. Who are they?
Dato’ Tengku Alaudin bin Tengku Abd Majid
 Now Natrah is a show directed by Erma Fatima. She brought a new faces of fresh line up to this show which are Umie Aida, Remy Isyak, Maya Karin, Nabila Huda, Liyana Jasmin, Aaron Aziz, Zul Huzaimy, Sofea Jane, Sharifah Sofea and Lufiya. Fresh line up issit? They did a very good job. Click->NATRAH to know further more about what is the show all about. Anyway this is my first time on watching theater where there are no 15minutes break! Normally, after 1 ½ hour of sitting and watching, the curtain will fall and announce followed with a gong~ (gong sound), ‘persembahan akan berehat selama 15 minit…the show will start back in 15 minutes time’… gong~. Since that is it matinee show, the casts won’t come out for the autograph and photos session after the show finish.
Hampa mereka
My date of the day and our bodyguard (Jaie) 🙂
Since that I know kak Umie, I texted her. After we had our mee bandung behind Istana Bugaya, we went back inside to meet her. She is so pretty and definitely she look so exhausted. Was nice to see her again.

Che Aminah
After the show, Ninie and Jaie wants to treat us dinner. A birthday dinner for me at Rakuzen Empire. Japanese food!, I like!. Such a nice dinner with a lovely chit-chatting with my lovely couple. Thank you for the theater and for the dinner. 

Salad + Salmon Salami

Our yummy deserts
Jaie’s wife, Ninie
 Where’s A’mmar? Thank you to my beloved parents for babysitting my son. I love you so much.

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