KLIMS 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 presents such a wonderful super car. The main attraction of this show is the Chevrolet Bumbble Bee (the one in Transformers). A very nice and handsome car indeed.
Chevrolet Camaro
To me I like more on our local product car. Congratulation in advance to Proton and Perodua for coming up with new idea (concept car).
‘Macam ni baru la orang Malaysia beli kereta tempatan.
That’s what I heard some of the people said about the Malaysian car. And the best thing about it is, they are using our legendary warriors’ names which are Jebat, Lekir and Lekir. 
Proton Tuah
Lotus Esprint
Perodua Concept car
 All of these are the Proton Concept Cars. And another one is Lotus Esprint. I look definitely similar to Lamburgini. Well Malaysian peoples love COMPARING. Of all the Proton design, Proton Tuah really attracts my attention. I am girl so I don’t bother to know the specs but I do like the shape of it. J. Besides that there are many more super car that you can until 12th December 2010 at PWTC.
Lucky Draw

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