Exam week

Packed with activities and also preparing myself for the final exam tomorrow. I have 2 papers on Monday – Biology & Consumer Behavior.. 2 papers on Wednesday- Business Communication & Social Psychology.. Am I ready? Not 100% espacially Biology! :(. I’m so tired now as today I started of with attending Majlis Agama. Followed by Natrah show in Istana Budaya and Birthday dinner for me at Rakuzen Empire. Alhamdulillah I’m so blessed. Thank you Mak and Ayah for babysitting A’mmar and thank you Hubby for the wonderful day. As you know December is my month! Hihihi. Thank you Jaie and Ninie as well for the birthday dinner! I love you guys. Will updates the stories and photos after Wednesday ok.
Exam mode ON! Bismillahirahmanirahimmmm…….

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