Hawa’s Baby Shower

I was so honored *chiwah* when Hawa (the mummy to be soon) invited me to the event. Why? Because she only invites 30 lucky guest. When i asked her who else are you inviting? She said, ‘only you babe’. I was like ok~. Its gonna be me alone without knowing who else will be there. Luckily my kepochi mode always help me when I tweet ‘what should i wear for baby shower tonight which the theme is CANDY?’ Liana Ismail tweeted back said ‘I pun tak tau apa nak pakai’.. Fuuuhh~ lega ada orang yang agak kenal juga. Ok, since that i got only limited time, so I decided to run over my wardrobe and pull what ever i have. With a help from my neighbor through bbm-ing, I got the perfect outfit *perasan*.
PINK = Baby Girl
I look FAT in this
Bought something good for Hawa. Hopefully she likes it. I bought a Breastflow bottle. It is good for breast feeding baby to drink mum’s milk from that bottle. The bottle nipple is exactly like the real one. So the baby wont get confuse. You can read more by clicking here-> Breastflow Bottle. A’mmar is ย using this bottle since he rejected Avent since baby. (Avent botol mahal pun tak nak). Breastflow is VERY cheap for me. Pack of three 9 oz bottle is only RM69. You can get it at Toy’s R’ us or Mom’s Care.
2 layer
Similar techniques
The decoration was SUPERB!. Hawa did every single deco by her own self. And she’s full bloom (9 month) already. Ill definitely ask her advise if I’m planing to do some sort of event like hers. Pictures tell a thousand words. From what I’ve shot, you will amazed by it. Anyway, I participate in one of the game which is “Feed the baby’. Im the baby and Shel is the mummy. We won first prize! Yeay…
It is MINE!


My darling A’mmar
The Decos!

Check it out!
Hawa’s Lotto- all of us need to guess when she will actually deliver. Her EDD is 101210
The Winner of the guessing game

Wish board for mommy to beย 
Lets guess how many are those?

Feeding the baby and we won first prize!!!
Awesome night
Welcome to the club in advance
More deco
There goes my diet!
Proud parents to be
Finally the door gift
I enjoyed the night and thank you again dear Hawa for the invitation. Me and A’mmar reallt enjoy the event and the foods as well. Oh yeah!, kudos to Tajul (father to be soon) for the lovely dinner set. He’s the chef of the night. Congratulation in advance and remember to keep on pushing till the baby pop out ok! Love ya!

4 thoughts on “Hawa’s Baby Shower

  1. what a nice and well decorated baby shower..
    bp kali I scrolled ur entry..sgt cantek!congrats to ur fren, Hawa..
    from deco to door gift,food,table..semua cantek2!!luv it!!

    I used breastflow bottle jgak during the 1st few months before switched to MaM..
    its really useful specially during bottle training ๐Ÿ˜‰

    btw Hana..u look fab too dear in pink ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. kan nadia?? buat la untuk babyshower you…i masa A'mmar tak sempat nak buat..banyak sangat berjalan..hihihi..kudos to Hawa for the very very nice deco!

    breastflow best dan murah dan pelik! hhahahaha…

    i look fab? oh my! Pink is not my color actually. i look FAT ok…anyway thank you sayang for the puji pujian mu…hihih


  3. Oh My! your friend planned and deco sendiri all that?? Tabik srping i ok!! sangat sangat cantik and stunning the decorations!!! She herself too is a pretty mommy to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really love the idea of wrapping the water bottle with pink polka dot white wrapper. Genius and cute!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hana you look good in that outfit too dear. Kurus je i tgk. Sila jangan perasan gemuk ok! hahahaha.


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