Salam AidilAdha

I’m somewhere on the highway heading to my Husband’s hometown in Kedah. Dropped by at Tanjung Malim to see Mak Wa (aunty). My family and Mak Su’s already arrive. They just done doing takbir raya. Eventhough nenek have passed away, still orang-orang surau bertadbir at her house. Traffic kind of bad since that tonight is the eve night. Oh! My Rocky is our transportation to Kedah. So cool!

Bad traffic at Ipoh right before the tunnel due to landslide which took us 8 hours of driving from Shah Alam-Kedah *sick!*

As some of you realize that I was super mad with one of the newspaper regarding the missuse of my son’s pictures on different article. You can view the Don’t take things for granted!. Thank you so much dear readers and viewers about your thought, concern and comments. Everything settle now because one of the editor called me personally apologizing
about the issue.

Editor: Puan Hana, I’m so sorry about your son’s issue. Actually we’ve missed look about not putting -gambar hiasan- under your son’s picture for that article. I know the photoshoot was for the Little People Boutique. But your son’s picture showed a very good expression of aggressiveness. On behalf of my staff, please accept my apology.

Hana: Its ok. Everybody make mistakes. It is just that please consider this matter as something serious. Don’t take things for granted. As some people might not have the authority to talk to you and you simply can just use their right wrongly. Don’t worry, I won’t sue you because I think this is a small thing. Yet again, please don’t take things for granted.

Editor: thank you so much and I’m truly sorry. Can you can spend one day with us? We would like to cover you and A’mmar. I will ask one of my staff to meet you.

Hana: sure. Call me after raya haji.

Well yeah. Settle! Alhamdulillah. Special thanks to one of my family members for making the newspaper company called me asking for apology. I don’t really ask for a forgiveness. What I’m asking here is the sensitivity that all the editor and journalist SHOULD have. Thank you again dear editor.

Anyway, Salam AidilAdha to all blogger and happy holiday.


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