Current Obsession

Believe it or not, my current obsession is RIDING!. Jyeah!. Vroom vroom!. I want to get involve with it for so long time already. Since that my husband is a big bike freak, why not i take this opportunity to learn about riding it.

Just a gimmick of him sitting behind me. Hehehe.. One day…
I get so jealous whenever we join a convoi. There will be a women rider!. SENTAP!. If she can do it, why can’t i right? When i told my friend about current obsession, the normal response will be ‘kau tak serik ke?’ remember my husband involved in a bike accident? That is what they are referring at. Well to me, i would like to try it! Since that Mr.Husband notice my enthusiasm on riding, he bought me a dirt bike. Thanks Hubby!!!

Momos Pantera
Hubby said: ‘before you can start riding a big bike, you need to familiarize with this bike first. Ill teach you and be patient’
Info about Momos Pantera: CLICK HERE

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