Its been 7 days

Arwah Shazwan Shahidan bin Shahidan
16.10.1988 – 10.09.2010

Just came back from Arwah Shazwan’s tahalil at his house. Its been 7 days since the last time everyone saw him for the last time. Well the tahalil went well. Recited Yassin for him and his late brother who also passed away 3 years ago due to accident as well. Hasbe, Aliaa, Danesh, Dd, Bobo, Andrew, Nat and few other friends. Seperti biasa ratu air mata ni akan nangis. So yeah! I cried!. I miss him and I still in a process of accepting it. Shazwan’s dad is such a tough guy. Sejuk je air muka nya. Semangatnya pun kuat. His mum looks stress but I can understand her coz I’m a mum as well. Aliaa (the gf) finally put a smile on her baby face but can see that she still cried. Everyone thought its gonna be fine as time flies but actually referring to his mum, ‘everyday is such a lost and missing’. Its gonna take A LOT of days, month, years for the family and also Aliaa to recover from this incident. Went down to arwah’s room to meet Aliaa, such a nice awesome room of his!. I can feel the existing of him in that room (too imaginative I am!). What else can we do accept sedekahkan Al-Fathihah to arwah. Oh btw, his big brother is driving the X6 man!. If arwah ada lagi sure dapat merasa naik that car. Oh yeah, he loves to drive friends around with his wow wow cars! Hehehe. Miss you brother! Will always pray for you. Al-Fatihah…


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