Raya Sakan

I think it is not too late to actually wish all my followers viewers SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!. Wow!, I haven’t blog since hmm when again? Yeah!, few days before raya. First of all, maaf zahir dan batin atas segala ketidakseleasaan kalian ketika membaca blog ku yang ak seberapa meriah ni. Ok now, where shall I start? *blur*. Lets have a Q&A session shall we? (senang lagi kot rasanya)

How was raya? -> Awesome!
Raya mana? (common Q)-> Kedah. In laws.
Eh last year kan dah Kedah. Takkan this year Kedah juga?-> It is gonna be EVERY YEAR darling.
Why?-> 1) everyday I spent time with my parents here in Shah Alam. 2)My parents are not INTO Aidilfitri so much. They prefer Ramadhan more compare to Syawal. So selamat la. *tehee
Your parents tak de hal ke?-> Alhamdulillah they are fine. After all my brother is back for good now from Melbourne. They started to enjoy beraya in Shah Alam since ‘gang-gang’ dah ramai raya Shah Alam.
How was your raya in Kedah? Don’t you feel sad?-> Raya in Kedah of course is totally extremely different from what ive experienced before. Different in terms of:
          Bersalam raya: do it BEFORE solat Aidilfitri. To me agak tak syok sebab I need to jaga my wuduk with Hubby and brother in laws.
          Makanan: you won’t  see any lemang or nasi impit on orang Kedah’s dining table. All you see it either mee hoon soup, ketupat palas and serunding or laksa. I remembered my first raya there and I was pregnant, I was shocked to see the menu!. So dengan menggunakan kuasa perempuan pregnant, ‘Abah (FIL), mana nasi impit, kuah kacang, lemang, rendang? Tak hari raya la kalau gini’. Surprisingly my FIL straight away keluar dengan baju raya and cari semua tu. Later after beraya sakan ke rumah families, I start to absorb that ‘face it Hana!, that’s the menu!’
           Time beraya: Mo time boundaries! Pukul !0pm pun still boleh dating ke rumah dan beraya. So be prepared!
Berapa lama kat kedah?-> 8 days it think
Tak jam ke?-> Nope! It was smooth. Alhamdulillah
So far I had a super blast raya eventhough I didn’t receive any duit raya anymore! *sad*. After browsing through my album, I found out that I don’t have any raya picture with my parents. Hmmm… AYAH AND MOTHER, LETS TAKE PHOTO!. Normally previous years we only took a family photo during open house. This year I don’t have any idea Mak and Ayah nak buat ke tak open house.