RIP dear Shazwan Shahidan

Al-Fatihah…Received a shocking call this morning from my college friend informing that Shazwan Shahidan passed away due to accident. It is such a shocking news because we bbm each other few days before today. He is such a pretty nice boy. He loves calling me ‘makcik’ and he is such a good friend. Love to call him Sazwan. Nama manja dia that i gave. It is hard for me to accept the news but i believe that Allah s.w.t sayangkan arwah. Shazwan terlibat dalam kemalangan yang meragut nyawanya sendiri di Karak HIghway. Accident with a trailer yang sedang overtake another trailer. He could not been save due to lose of so many blood. Went to his funeral and i could not hold my tears any longer watching him lying being kapan. *sedih!!!!!!*. You will always be remember dear adik. You are already in a better place now. It was nice meeting you and I was never regret on knowing you. Al-fatihah.

Honda Integra
Total lost

Al-Fatihah…I miss you Shazwan…I really do..


4 thoughts on “RIP dear Shazwan Shahidan

  1. owh Hana. I knew that he passed away one day before my birthday. And my dad passed away a day after my birthday. What a bad month I had this year. Thanks for telling me thru my blog. But seriously I owed something dekat arwah. Sangat sedih tak sempat tunaikan hajat die..


  2. :)… Tiap kali teringat kat dia sedekahkan Al-Fatihah ok. Btw, this saturday (16/10/10) his birthday and the family ada buat tahalili untuk arwah and adiknya. Do come if you are free ok.


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