More Iftar Session

Been so busy lately preparing for Raya (kononnya). Had a blast of Ramadhan so far Alhamdulillah. Can’t believe it that it is the final week of Ramadhan. Cepatnya~. We never know if next year we are able to celebrate Ramadhan again or not. Lets just pray for that dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amiiiiinnn. I am so bless being surrounded with wonderful people who loves me and also annoyed me. Raya is just around the corner and i havent start menjahit my baju kurung punya beading *sempat ke nie?? ada 4 pasang kot*. Sure I will update more before raya insyAllah…

Shirt cotton baju melayu. Selesa sangat!
Iftar with G15 at Pine38
With our ImaN muda. Hehehe
Iftar with G15 at Pine38
They may seen older than me but they are such a happening bunch of ladies!
Iftar with G15 at Pine38
Malam Merdeka – Coffee coffee session at Hakim
Lyn, Alia, buddies – Coffee coffee session at MMZ
Always behaving well during terawih
Iftar at Rakuzen Empire Shopping Gallery
A’mmar dapat new croc from Ninie

Man masak hokean mee yang sedap!- Iftar at Along’s
Berbuka and terawih at my parent’s place
thank you

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