Iftar with the next Malaysian Leaders.

Cheeeewwwaaah! Agak dasyat la kan Title ku… The best title actually ‘Iftar with The Dasyatians’. Hahah. Wow sounds like Kardashians (ok im the big fan of them..hahahaha).. Even though they will be the next Malaysian Leader but they are such a fun people to mingle with. By the way THEY refers to the PTD (Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik) – sidang D (group D during their training 4 years back). Their spouse also play a big role on portraying the diplomats. Alhamdulillah I got no problem in mingling with them and the spouses. Its a fun thing and always look forward to meet them in the future. The venue was at Beryani Mat Top, Bangi. RM20 per person and I rank it to 3star. Supposedly me and Mr.Hubby plan to continue mamak session at mamak kembar putrajaya since I was so teringin (ngandun ke??) nak makan cheese nan. Apparently NOT!. The gang buka meja lepak kat luar pulak. Sabar jek la!. While the boys gossiping among them, the ladies also did the same thing. FUN!.

My Mr.President and President’s Junior
Next Malaysian female leader
Spouses and kids
Siti Andy-Siti Arip-Siti Syazwan-Siti A’sim

2 thoughts on “Iftar with the next Malaysian Leaders.

  1. Next Malaysian leader??? Hahahahah…. A very nice one. Wahhhh, i didnt noticed that 4 of us got the name of Siti in front. Anyway Hana, Wawa shud be replace with 'Siti Andy' la mcm tu. Heheheheh….


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