High Speed iftar

Alhamdulillah safely arrive home from a ‘high speed iftar ride’ with Mr.Hubby and bikers. It is a yearly event organized by Chear Motor. Yeah!, he is a Chinese organizing a buka puasa event with all ibu tunggal, orang kurang upaya, anak yatim and orang tua. Suprise right? A Chinese guy can actually collaborate on organizing a Muslim’s event. This is so 1 Malaysia that cannot be found from other country! . I met alot of rider (of course) and 3 female rider!. *teruja*. They are:
Kak Khai
-a racer. Overall race she ended up in rank 8/10 where the other 9 riders are male!. She’s a Aprillia freak and at one time she have 9 bikes of her own! Awesome! Very nice person and keep on advising me how to play bike. *interesting*. Today she ride with her sponsored bike KTM ADVENTURE!. Dasyat weih!!!!!
Kak Mimi 
-people call her di Diva. Haven’t got a chance to talk to her personally. She’s type of loud and also friendly person.
Kak Maznak Zolkipli
-Our Duta Belia!. Salute her!. She still remember me and family. At one time she came beraya to our house with Kak Umie Aida. Such a nice person and very sweet.

430pm: All the biker gathered at Chear Motor Sdn.Bhd Klang
5.30pm: A short briefing and the journey start
6.25pm: arrived at Tasik Idaman, Bangi (kedainya sangat ceruk. Siapa tahu sahaja yang akan datang)
9.00pm: Bersurai dan kami sambung lepak di mamak KLIA

There’s about a total of 80 bike join the convoy. This is my first time joining the convoy. So can imagine how excited i was. Thanks to my darling mother sebab sudi jaga A’mmar for a while. Alhamdulillah A’mmar is behaving very well. Oh, we ride Aprillia Tuono just now. Top speed that Mr.Hubby go is 168km/h. Fun!!!!. I superly love high speed.

Before the convoy start
Benda baru. Gosok laaaa. *hehehe*
Gang kuat makan
Kak Leha
Maznah Zolkipli
Kak Khai

 That’s all for now. I need to rest and gosh!, it is 1230am!. Later at 4am need to wake up to cook. I think i should cook now and later just heat it!. Btw, the picture below caught my eyes. Its about how you should do when you’ve been snatch. Sangat belakon gambarnya!

The penyamun snagat over! Hahaha

Hana Ibrahim


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