Fj’s Warehouse Clearance Stock.

260810 (am)
Proudly to announce that I’m OFFICIALLY BROKE! *tepukdahi*. Would love to say superly thank you to my friend Aymard for giving me the Premier Fj’s Warehouse Clearance Stock passes. He gave me 2 pass which means I can bring 3 other  friends. The other pass, I gave to Zalekha and Jaclyn Victor. I went with Rina where she came to my house and fetch me. The venue is at Parkroyal Hotel KL. This is my first time attending a premier warehouse. Awesome powsome! Event starts Thursday till Sunday.

Thursday: By invitation only
Friday: HSBC Credit Card holder only
Saturday Sunday: Open for Public

Every brand under FJ are there:
-Lasenza-Nautica-Guess-Raoul-Banana Republic-Gap
*sawan weih!!!!*

Of course there’s a lot of people. But according to Rina if we come for Friday and weekend, we need to que in entering the hall. Total madness! (She’s talking base on experience). Its super totally cheap!.

-i can see there’s alot more of spaces-

Lasenza: 2pcs bra= RM50.. 10 panty= RM25.. Flip flop= RM5.. Nightwear= 2pcs RM30..
Guess: Handbag (ALL)= RM160.. Shoes RM90..
Gap: sandle= RM10
Roule: Handbag= RM60-RM180

-isn’t it superly vintage? Its only RM90. Guess. Actual price is RM399-
But i did not buy it sebab mau pigi mana daa?
-my new collection!. RM90. Actual price RM299-
-my 1st Raoul collection *proud*-
RM70. Actual price RM489

Crazy kan??? I bought Roule’s clutch (leather) for only RM70 where the actual price is RM489. *menyesal beli satu * How crazy is that??? I spend total of……hmmm socay, ill keep it to myself (ayah, i know you are reading this. Hello Ayah!!!) Bought 2 guess handbag for mother and super glad she likes it! Spend almost 3 hours inside there and it was such a therapy! Thats all for this year! Ill shall wait for next warehouse sale!

-Mak’s Guess Collection-

—————————————————————–BACK DATE—————————————————


Mum, Angah, Suresh, Eika (gf angah) buka puasa with us in our house! Menu is upon request. Seperti biasa Angah yang higy demand want STEAK! *annoyed*. So menu of the day:
– Lamb chop
– Black pepper beef steak
– Grilled chicken
– Deep fried chicken
– Spaghetti Carbonara (favorite)
– Salad
– Grill potato

Mother actually puji me *drool…* *wink wink*.. To me she is always my best chef ever! Free pulak tu! Hahahaha. 
Totally forgot that my Yana is home! Alhamdulillah! She look so pretty and radiant. Im glad that everything is good now for her. She bought me a jubah as well. Shtanks babe!

——————————————————————FAST FORWARD————————————————

260810 (pm)

Lepas penat bershopping sakan, me and A’mmar followed Mr.Hubby iftar at Masjid Putrajaya. Dia ada berbuka puasa dengan Perbadanan Putrajaya. Wear my new jubah from Yana *pretty* and Mr.Hubby of course always looks handsome in his baju melayu *cair*. The agenda was iftar-solat maghrib-recite yassin-solat hajat-solat isyak-solat terawih-ceramah-moreh. Ramai sungguh orang datang. Seronok sangat!. Since that I was so tired with a long day, i slept quiet early. And now it is Subuh time, better go solat and continue tidur~

-A’mmar with his harness-
-Ibu & A’mmar-

2 thoughts on “Fj’s Warehouse Clearance Stock.

  1. Owh Hana.. Untung giler you dapat peluang dpt joined that warehouse clearance. Xpe you, broke2 pun xpe… sekali sekala kot kan!!!! arghhhhh… that shoe you bought such a gracefulness!! nice catch babe!! 🙂


  2. From now on I'm gonna call you Pinky sebab (sila lihat gadget kesayangan anda) Eeeee Pinky.. Hahaha. Wehhh sedapnya! Mengidamlah aku pasta kau tuuuu huhuhu


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