Iftar + Eppy’s birthday celebration

-Thanks to Dya-

Had a really nice get together iftar and Eppy’s birthday celebration at Ayam Penyet Sunway Pyramid. Met Dya and Izat for the first time. They are nice person! And met Yanie the long lost buddy. Ok aku ngaku aku keras skejap sbb lma udah tak jumpa..hehehehe.Was abit ‘keras’ due to some issues which those people actually know it is ridiculous! Haha. Whatever!, as long i had a great iftar session. Happy birthday Mummy Py!!!. Hana doakan Eppy sentiasa dicurahkan dengan penuh kasih sayang, panjang kan umur and menjadi the best mom ever to your kids!!Went with A’mmar only. A’sim got meeting and iftar with is colleagues. Miss the window shopping session with the rest after the iftar because I need to rush to Putrajaya to fetch A’sim  (kesian motor dia rosak…:(.. ). Well he actually bring back a good news!!!. But hush hush now until the ‘thing’ is totally confirm!! *please please please… *wink wink* 

– Sangat teruja –
– with darling Eppy –
-Pya, Izat, Dilla, Me, Eppy –

Im happy now because company’s stuffs already arrived! Alhamdulillah. Today gonna be my busy day!. Hope everything went well accordingly. InsyAllah..

-Have a great day ahead-

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