Iftar with Kak Deeyana

-gorgeous Kak Dee-

It is my first day of iftar without hubby because he need to attend a iftar+meeting with the PPTD (Persatuan Perkhidmatan Tadbir Diplomatik) and Empire Group at Empire Hotel. So i decided to buka puasa with the spouses. Supposed to be 3 of us (since kami ber-3 je yang agak kepala ting-tong) which are me, Kak Deyana and Ninie. But Ninie cant make it due to she need to go on air (Dj KL.fm). We had our iftar at Chillies Empire Shopping Gallery. I wanted to have Japanese food but Rakuzen Restaurant is full house for iftar. The kids join us together. Such a cute babies they are. Saw Ijai and Zaza also Nurril and family there. Wanted to shop but I am too full and lazy to walk.

-Kamalia, Ariana, A’mmar-

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