At first u said its gonna be 2 more semester. After that 3 and now you are telling me year 2012????!! Yes am talking about my study! I’m so stressful with the changes of degree plan. This is what you gonna face when u sign up for PRIVATE college!. If I enrolled for any local university at this age I could have earn my own money. Not saying now I don’t earn my own money. Or maybe at this point of age I can continue with my master. I hate this! Dragging and keep on dragging! I was so happy to know that I could finish by 2 more semester only. And now I’m demotivated. Finally the management said ‘wait till end of this year and we will try to finalized your credit hours’. I’m crossing my finger now! Please! I wanna get pregnant next year. By the time I’m full bloom (insyAllah), I’ve graduated already. Susahnya!!!!. Stress pls!. If I know this shitzy gonna happen, I would have enrolled for local university which I’ve received tones of offer! But it is too late! Just carry on and finish it. Stress weih!! Its not fair!! Superly not fair~. I’m so excited with our company that’s starting to operate after Ramadhan and I’m so looking forward to get pregnant next year also moving to UK with Hubby and A’mmar once Hubby got offer to do his master which earliest gonna be end of 2011. Stressful weih!!!


4 thoughts on “Demotivated

  1. Sabar Hana. Allah is just testing you 🙂 I bet something good will leads to that! Ohh I dont know 🙂 Hana and family are going to UK!!! That's gonna be wonderful!! 🙂 Tak pe la, 3 sems tu cepat aja :)) okay?


  2. I just wanna get things done je. Nape la susah sangat i nak complete my degree ni. Ok im bless to have wonderful family, spouse and also A'mmar. But why??!. I just hope there is SOMETHING waiting for me…

    Yes! UK! Here we come! At least 2 years. InsyAllah.

    3 sem tu mmg skejap but i really wanna get pregnant early next year… 😦


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