Salam sahur 13 Ramadhan

Baru selesai sahur. Had my sandwich with my homemade tat-tar sauce and tesco’s cheese. Currently Mr.Hubby is performing his Subuh prayer and Little Monster is enjoying his milk. Me? Lying lazyly on a couch just done watching my most favorite series-NurKasih. Thanks tv3 sebab mainkan balik series ni. Ill definitely won’t miss my Subuh. Like it or don’t, HI dicutikan dari berpuasa dengan pasrahnya dah 5 hari :(. I miss going to terawih with A’mmar. Hopefully perintah dicutikan ni dipendekkan.

For the past a week before menu berbuka kami di rumah sangat WOW!. Thanks to Dilla and Along for teaching me how to cook ‘pelik menu’ (according to A’sim) and makes Mr.Hubby enjoys his iftar so much. We had bolognese, carbonara, cajun mexican, fish n chip, chicken chop, salmon steak. What I’m proud of is that (riaknya aku!), I made all the sauces sendiri. No instant!. This week will try something else new. Well we sound so western right sebab tak berbuka nasik.. It is just that kami satu rumah kononnya tgh nak control our diet. Only sahur we take rice.

-Fish & Chip-
-masih ambil order Bread pudding. RM48-

Ok peeps, gonna hit the sack join my 2 hero. Have a nice week and day!. #cant believe the weekend is over!# (macam keje je eh!). Oh btw, HI layak guna ayat tu because the new semester starts TODAY! #err lama nya study. Macam amik PHD#

Hana Ibrahim


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