Be patient..

Sabar itu separuh dari iman.. (Hahahah kecoh!)M by the way yeah!, here are the list of events that I’m rooting for. Dengan izin Allah swt, insyAllah it will happen.

1. Makthik Yana coming home from performing her Umrah. Alhamdulillah. Sich a joy when I heard that she enjoyed her stay there. And of course ‘tak Hana la kan kalau tak kirim barang’. HI pesan jubah hitam. I wonder where does all my jubah gone sampai asyik kena rembat mother punya..

2. Berbuka and sahur everyday. Well frankly speaking this is the only thing that I can really feel during Ramadhan month only. Where everybody actually doing the same thing. Berbuka with lots of nice and healthy food with the fun ‘rebut-rebut’ session and sahur with the most simplest dishs. And only during sahur I can only watch my most favorite series-NurKasih (HI kan MELAYU so HI sedar diri) 🙂

3. Aidilfitri is what everybody looking for but not for me. I love Ramadhan so much and Aidilfitri is the same like other days. It is just that it is a festive season with new kurungs, shoes, songkok and all. What I can’t wait the most is mee hoon soup utara for our first day meal. In Kedah is not as same as other state celebrate the Eid especially when talkign about food. The formal food for Eid normally rendang and ketupat. But for Kedah if you ask for that you gonna get a laugh from them. Their main menu are ketupat palas and mee hoon soup or laksa. POWER!. Since I got married, our first day of Hari Raya gonna be his side. Thanks to Ayah coz taught me how to be fair. Meaning everyday we spent our time together so during hari raya is the only ample time I can spend time with in laws. Every year its gonna be Shah Alam-Kedah-Tg.Malim-Shah Alam.

4. Year end trip on bike is the other issue. Last year Hubby took me on his bike to Krabi. It was amazing! Life time experience. Enjoyed it so much! This time round, insyAllah few days before Christmas, we are heading to Vietnam and Cambodia. Definitely gonna be super fun! Since Versys involved in accident early this year, Hubby bought KLE500 just for the sake of this ride. Nice bike and confortable enough. Sangat tak sabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr

5. Umrah!!! InsyAllah sooooooooonnnnn ill be back to the holy city but this time with Hubby and Son. How coll is that?!! Super cool right??. Ayah gonna bring all of us there. He said after Haji season. Hope it doesn’t clash with our Vietnam Cambodia ride which already fix.

6. Getting pregnant again!! (why pink? sbb im rooting for pinkylicious baby..teheee**) Yes!, its time already. Even though my study haven’t complete yet but mum said ‘its ok. Anak ni bekalan akhirat’. So yeah! Its time A’mmar for u to become abang. InsyAllah.

*cant think any now. I’m tired and I need some rest before start cooking for berbuka.


5 thoughts on “Be patient..

  1. Tsk. Terharu coz namaku disebut di nombor 1. Hehe. Thanks darl! Kalau boleh tak nak balik Msia ok. My best Ramadhan ever. You're going too? Bestnya! Angkut ku ke sana balik please please. Teehee


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