4th weekend of July

Huiyoo Bazaar
Again for the uncountable how many time i joint the bazaar to sell all my LongBella’s Collections. Alhamdulillah the return is way expected. Even though the organizer of this event is a first timer on handling this kind of event, they actually should receive congrats from everybody on handling such a great event. I can feel you ‘organizer’. It is not easy to handle this kind of event especially with the vendors who expect high without helping you out for the event. My advice as a vendor is that when you have decided to join any bazaar do keep on spreading the words about the event. In spite of helping out the organizer, you actually are promoting your own brand and also help the other vendors to gain more customers. 
Dewan Melur Seksyen 7

LongBella Wardrobe Collections

Wedding Zamila
zamila and her choosen one

Congratulation my dear golek. Thank you so much for the invitation. You look so lovely. Seronok dapat jumpa gang gang sekolah lama. And tak disangka-sangka, one of my school mate sekolah rendah agama seksyen 19 pun ada skali. Agak kelakar bila masing-masing nak refresh memory masing-masing. Fahmi is the person. His face never change! Still same the old Fahmi yang pernah ku kenali dahulu. Well masa zaman sekolah agama tu, dia pengawas and he got this baby face kind of look so yeah!, of course ramai orang dok gila kan dia (excluding me sebab aku macam jantan dulu). Met few of the gang pengawas yang gila-gila. Haihs, how i miss high school so much!. Alhamdulillah tgk kawan kawan ramai dah berjaya. And masing masing pun dah bekerjaya. By the way Golek, your husband mirip pelakon malaysia ok! Good choice babe!. I bet im not the only person yang cakap macam tu. Almost all our friends that attended your wonderful reception said ‘hubby dia macam Zamarul Hisham la’. Happy honeymooning and welcome to the hubby wify club.
Bb addicted! Hubby and Fahmi
COngrats Babe! Sorry tak datang wedding mu. I miss the dates!
Lovely Nurul



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