Yeah! Pelik right? People normally had their bbq session over the weekend. But not for us the busy housewife, we had our yummycious bbq on MONDAY!. Thanks to Along Azalea and her Hubby and also Dilla sebab berjaya menjadi chef paling berkaliber on that day. We had so much fun and laughter. Macam biasa, diriku menyediakan rumah dan Eppy mengelat dengan menjaga anak-anak kecil. I’ve to cook new dishes as well. Thanks uolls!. We had spicy spaghetti, roasted lamb, chicken, fruit salad, sausages, and salad. Tak sempat kami nak bergossip sebab busy sangat memasak and gelak.

-Cheff Man. Sedap spaghetti nya-
-our main course-
-sesi di dapur-
-baby sitter-
-makan time!!!-

I think should do it again more often! Nak makan gaya macam tu dengan chef2 yang handal hanya di hotel and i have to pay more than RM80 per sitting. Baik aku panggil diorg mai umah and in the same time i can learn new dishes. They said next round gonna be masak kampung. Tapi dah nak puasa dah ni. Bila la agaknya…..


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