3rd Weekend of July

Seems like every weekend I am packed with activities. Family always my priority and in between time friends will be there as well. I am lovingly love my super wonderful life alhamdulillah. I’m looking for more exciting things everyday of my life. Well here’s a story about my 3rd weekend of July.
1. Kedah vs KL Plus. 
Well obviously HANA IS A FOOTBALL GEEK!. It is because my darling brother in law is playing for Kedah now. He ended his contract with Team Harimau Muda and decided to join Kedah back again. What ever his decision, we’ll always support him. This is Shakir’s 2nd game with the team after he join back. So he still need more time untuk sesuaikan diri dengan player yang lain. Both team played well but not that well. Thanks to him for a free ticket AGAIN!. Niena also joint us that night because her bf Keon is playing for Kedah as well as a defender. Final score 1-1.
-Niena my Dewi Remaja. Love you muchachos babe!-
-Macha on action-
-Bro in law, Son, Hubby, Keon’s mum, Bro in law-
2. Dusun Quarza
It is the name of our new place. Dusun Quarza. Pelik tak? Should we change? Btw, after the game last night, we drove straight away to Tanjung Malim (where the Dusun is located). Angah, Mus, Junaidi, Amai already arrived earlier in the evening. We arrived at 3am. Gilo apo masuk utan kul 3 pagi dengan A’mmar sekali!!!. Alhamdulillah semuanya ok dan kami selamat sepanjang perjalanan. Dilindungi-Nya. Bila bangun pagi, kerja ku kena sediakan breakfast untuk balang-balang sekalian. Lepas tu kemas kawasan pondok dan mandi sungai!!. Mak, Ayah, Asrul datang kemudian with a breakfast in hand. Packed things up heading straight to Shah Alam for night activity plak.
-my cute section-
-everybodeyh is here-
-Dusun Quarza-
3. Largest Steamboat in Shah Alam
At night we had our dinner at Steamboat Shah Alam seksyen 23. Its my Uncle’s restaurant. not bad. At least it is halal compared to Johny. Besides Steamboat, they have bbq, grilled and buffet. It is RM25 per head.


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