Family Holiday

I’m in the land of bliss currently. Langkawi Island is the place. Arrived here yesterday by ferry from Kuala Kedah and going back to Shah Alam tomorrow night. Supposedly to be a complete 15 of us combination of family Kedah and Shah Alam. But only 12 of us make it to this trip. Shakir is still in training with Football National Team coached by Raja Gopal and Mak Ayah got weddings to attend. We are having a super blast weekend here! Mr.Hubby sponsored everything. Moga dimurahkan rezeki sentiasa supaya boleh share lagi dengan family semua. Alhamdulillah. Mr.Hubby planned for this trip since a few month after he involved in accident. He want to pay back all the sacrificed that both family did since the day he was on medical leave. ‘Setiap yang jadi ada rahmat-Nya’. Alhamdulillah. Ok ill update more with pictures when I safely arrive home. Much love from Island of bliss.


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