World Cup Fever

Proudly to announce that HANA IBRAHIM IS A WORLD CUP 2010 GEEK!. Omg!, I’ve been staying up for almost every night just to watch the matches. Whats my team? Of course Argentina, German and Brazil and i REALLY hope to see one of them in final!. Surprisingly this time of WC (its a  short form for World Cup by the way if you don’t know), all the underdog team or new team REALLY showed a super great show!. I’m totally impressed!
Lets recap what happened this morning. I woke up to get ready for my class and suddenly i was effin shocked to see A’mmar face was stuffed with blood! 
Jumped to toilet to get the wet towel and wipe all the blood. Pity baby~. Blood was all over the bed. Doctor said ‘faktor cuaca’. I bet it is true too because lately the weather is so effin HOT! I want to move from here. Somewhere cold and breezy!.
But wait! I can hear the sea breeze now~~ CANT WAIT! Langkawi…HEEERRREEE WEEE COME
Got to go now fetch my brother in law who just came back from Turkey with Malaysian Football Team.

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