Hating the new look of this blog!

I have been trying out many time to fix my blog but end up what you see is the final result. Ok aku tak reti dah nak buat macam mana! Asalkan senang baca udah.
Currently am watching France vs Mexico. Minutes 58.30 0-0. Congratulations to all my boyfie (chewwah!), you did a great job Argentina!!!. 
I think for the whole month of world cup, diriku bisa menjadi burung hantu. Why? Because every night i stayed up to watch the match.
Current mood- EXCITED!
1. My brother Azman is coming back from Melbourne this weekend.
2. Brother in law who is now in Turkey representing Malaysia Football Senior Team  will be coming home as well.
3. Can’t wait for next weekend because me and hubby are taking MY FAMILY and IN LAWS family for a Langkawi trip! I really hope everyone can make it because everything had been setup. Wee~~~~ its gonna be a super great trip!
OH NO! Mexico scored the first goal!. It shouldn’t be. What the hack are you thinking France’s keeper??? wake up yarr!!!
Earlier this evening, me and hubby were invited by Istana Budaya to watch KITA The Musical. Simple conclusion of the story is that it relates to 1 Malaysia concept. 
(the small box is for the Prime Minister)
Hubby: I nak sign kat sini. Nanti PM nampak.
Me: AS IF!

Showing my support as well.

Top: Jersey stretchable material. From: LongBella Wardrobe Collections
Bottom: Green Skinny jeans. From: LongBella Wardrobe Collections
Wedges: Vinci Store
Handbag: Singapore

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