5 month in counting

hubby involved in a motorcycle accident. I still can remember every single thing and words on that day. It breaks my heart when I see hubby lying on the bad with a really bad injured helplessly waiting for operation session.

Staff: Cik Puan! Boss accident! Sekarang dia di emergency hospital putrajaya!’

Doctor: kecederaan kaki suami u tahap parah. It takes time to recover. Harap bersabar and keep on giving him support as he needs it’

Alhamdulillah he’s getting better now. No more tongkat and we are back slowly on wearing boots and gloves.

Throughout the period of 5 month, we’ve learn and see a lot of beautiful things.

Ive nursed my grandmother way years back ago after she went for her ‘usus’ operation. It was really a challenge for me to treat an old women with an old school attitude :). With a courage that i have, i took the challenge to nurse her for few month. Change her cloths, wash her poopoo, did a dressing on her tummy.
Alhamdulillah i made it. With a help from my little cousin as well, i did actually enjoyed it eventhough some people can’t stand the smells and cuts. Now nenek is as healthy as anyone at her age can be. Alhamdulillah 😉

But i didn’t expect to nurse someone again especially my Hubby. Again i took a challenge on that. Even though it really crashed my heart and make keep on hatting the lorry driver, i still took the challenge. It is not easy as people see. Handling someone who you really love so much facing an emotional turnup, the pain and the anger. I did everything with all my heart, patient and never ending support. My mission is to make sure the Hubby recover as soon as possible so that he is able to get back on his normal activity. Its a lie if I never mengeluh but as a wife that should not be happening. With the never ending doas and prayers, it actually help me to be strong. I need to be strong for him. I’ve learn so much. Mum always said ‘jangan menangis atau mengeluh. There’s always a reason for what happened. Be thankful for what you get. Ini semua ujian and pahala paling besar untuk kamu’. So I move on and continue! Anyway thanks for the doas, prayers and never ending supports to my parents, siblings, family and friends.

Spealing of ‘hikmah’, I think that Allah s.w.t actually give an opportunity for Hubby to witness our son grow up. A’mmar is now able to walk as his dad too. It is such a sweetheart and touched me when Hubby and A’mmar got a chance to play and spend time together as u know that Hubby actually won’t have any time to play with A’mmar before due to work and weekend activities. After this surely we, A’mmar especially gonna miss his dad again. :).

Update about A’mmar the 1y6m old (few more days for 1y7m):

Motor cycle is very good

Able to walk steadyly

Love to talk a lot (baby language)

Sharp 1030pm is sleepint time

Pastas, japanese food, noodles is his fav

Spoiled with love by atok, oma, wan, mama tok and uncles aunties

No problem sleeping in the tent

Sungai is his favorite thing

I think there’s many more. Will update soon….


5 thoughts on “5 month in counting

  1. alhamdulillah. I can survive even macam macam ku kena. But updating about myself and family on fb and blog so on, doesnt mean a person is showing off kan? Hahahaha. I dont need any attention from anybody pun but there are people claiming about this matter. Ini salah itu salah, dia je kot yg betul. Hahaha. What do u think momma?


  2. Exactly not, dear. You fb, youe blog is your own channel. You have all the right nak letak ape pun. Sape2 x suka, boleh check out je from that page. Kalau they claimed you nak show off ke hape, diorang jelous kot u?? hmmmmm


  3. Ala, im just asking. Kang ada org perasan im talking about them plak. Nak baca silakan, i bukak for public but jgn la critique. Hmmmph. Bak kate u 'laaantaaaaaaaak laaa'…hahaha


  4. awwwwww so happy for u babe! and a'mmar is such a cutie pie when he walks! tertonggek-tonggek dgn diapers, rasa nak geget jer budak kecik tu hahah! alhamdulillah for all the blessings. and u're surely a stronger woman than u were before! yeay!


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