breath taking

I’m currently in one of my favorite state in Malaysia. Welcome to Pulau Pinang. In the year of..ok not interesting. Let’s put aside about the history for a while. Hehehe. We are staying at the new Naza Talyya Hotel @ Batu Feringhi. We stayed Alor Setar for a week (menjadi menantu yang bagus) and decided to have a break for one night at Penang. Punya la teruja sebab lama beno che tak mai Penang. Malam kemarin (last night), sesat barat kami dibuatnya cari tempat makanM thanks to Papago GPS. At last gurney gak kami makan.

The sound of the sea breeze really make us fall to sleep with a windy wind blowing. Such a great life I have. Speaking about great life I ‘think’ there’s one girl who are having a super great life after she deleted few of ‘ungrown women’ according to her from her fb list. Delete la cik kak. Ku tak hadap pun. I think she have and issue towards herself. Haha. And not to mention that her love one also removed few of the friends. Ahahah. Pity you.

Back to the breezy breez sabun breeze, A’mmar is behaving very well eventhough he is capable of throwing his handsome thantrum towards me. Aaaaaarrrrhhhh!, but that’s the thing, he is still a baby. A’mmar can walk now. So cute!

A’sim is getting well now. Alhamdulillah. Recovering veeerrrryyy fast. He even can drive now. But still on medical leave. Will update more later. Nak pack pulang ke Shah Alam.


One thought on “breath taking

  1. a'mmar can finally walk?! so i guess baby no. 2 is planned on the way? yeehaw! and dun get me start talking about penang. i can talk bout how i love penang for days! awesome!!


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