RSSB (rumah sesebuah berkembar) JUMBLE SALE

RSSB is hosting a 1-day Jumble Sale, from 9am-6pm with something for everyone! There will be clothes, accessories, handicraft and food stalls to rummage through. Come and join us! Bring along your family and friends and spend your Saturday with us.

Don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags too! Help the vendors keep their cost low and at the same time, be eco friendly. ;op

Calling all VENDORS!!! (especially for new vendors)

Booths are up for grabs!!! Limited units left!!! Contact us for more information!! Act NOW!!!

Don’t miss out on good bargains!!

All are welcome!

For Space inquiries please contact me.
013 384 2652 (HANA)

Date: 24th April 2010
Venue: Dewan Ar’Raha Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Time: 9am-5pm


Rules & Regulations:

What will you get when you rent space with us?

– Two rectangular table
– Two chairs
– FREE Parking
– No charged clean toilet.
– Concrete roof so you are rain free
– Other utilities like electricity, air-conditions and fan will be shared together.

What can you sell?

Just about anything but NO illegal stuffs and F&B

What must/can you bring?

– Table cloth
– A small table
– Railings
– Racks
– Your own decorations (signage, small banner & etc..)

What must you do if you confirmed to join us?

– Secure payment at least a deposit so that your space is secured.
– Please be considerate that other people would like a space too so please don’t promise that you’ll come and pay on the day it self and do not show up.
– Please keep your receipt of proof of payment for verification.

What is the price per booth?
– RM 100
– RM 50


Hana LongBella


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