WoW! Teramat lama sangat sangat tak update blog. Minta maaf la wahai peminatku, agak busy kebelakangan ini. Lemme recalled what happened for the last few weeks. Hmmmm…

Long Bella Wardrobe Collection.

Alhamdulillah everyday ada sales! Its either online or striaght from my house. Most of the customer orang jauh jauh. Every 2 weeks setakat ni ada new batch of stocks. So if you are free do spend some time browsing through http://www.facebook.com/hanalongbella?ref=mf

Mimi ku bertunangIm so happy that finally she got what she want after alot of things she need to go through. She was so pretty on her engagement day wearing a lime green modern kurung with a sweet beautiful peamin and a very natural nice make up. Im so happy for you babe. Cant wait for the big day. Keep up the preetyness of yours ok. Love you forever.

Last minute plan Melaka trip Vers.2

This is the second time we went to Melaka with last minute planned. But this time round ada Mr.Hubby and Mak Chah. We went for a boat cruise, tour around Bandar Melaka and of course shopping at Jonker Road.

Look Out Point KL
We had dinner there with Ali and the family. Hmmm tempat mmg ngam! Boleh tengok the WHOLE kl by night!. sangat besstnyaa. Tapi the food agak BLUUUWEEEKK!!! Maybe salah pilih kedai kots. Next time round nak makan kat restaurant western food yang kat bawah skit tu. And this time round plan nak bawak mak ayah ITU pun kalau diorg nak gi. Hihihihi

Wedding Umie Aida

Pelamin by Jovian

Selamat Pengantin Baru kakak ku! Finally! Alhamdulillah. Went to the wedding with Mak, Sasha and Aunty Nora. It was a nice wedding. Her outfit was so WOW! Red in color for entering the hall and merenjis session. As for cake cutting white sweet dress. She look so stunning indeed! Met lotsa artist. (hahaha sukati haku lah nak perak ke tanak kan, JANJI aku attend ok!). Yes its true most of them sangat sangat cantik. The most precious VVVVVVIP are Tun Mahathir. YA ALLAH!, sangat seronok diri ini dapat jumpa dengan Tun. I just adore this two husband and wife. Now Kak Umie is known as Datin Paduka Umi Khalsum Rahmad. His husband is Dato Paduka Khairuddin. They are so cute together. Alhamdulillah finally the day have come. Congratulation Kak.


7 thoughts on “UPDATEss!!!

  1. omg melaka again???!!!! hahaha. aku pi sana sampai dah hafal semua jalan semua ceruk yada yada. boleh drive keta sambil tutup mata lagi (ok tipu). bila kau pegi nok? why didn't we bump into each other? bot tu dengki ok. laju gila dia jalan. i had great bachelorettes nite there!


  2. Hey hanna šŸ™‚ im glad you hv a great weekend! i went to melaka also last week but we did'nt do cruising šŸ˜€

    ps:you have relation with Umie Aida or i call her Datin Paduka Umie Aida? Hehe ..


  3. putri: yup its was a great weekend. Cruising pun i first time. Cantik tgk bangunan2 yang ada lukisan along the way. Umie is my mum's adik angkat. We first met her lama dah kat Mekah. So the relationship sampai sekarang Alhamdulillah. Cantik kan dia?

    Yana: Bachelorate? i din know you are getting married! hahaha


  4. hanaaaaaaaaaaaa…..aku dalam blog kau.sangat comel kau ni!!!!!nway miss u a lot.nanti bgtau la aku pasal long bella k.mwahhhhh


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