I’m happy for a few reason suddenly! Obviously it shows that how bored I am alone now at college while waiting for the 30 minutes break to end. Hahahah.

I’m happy because:
.. LongBella is doing so good! Alhamdulillah
.. A’sim is recovering tremendously good!
.. my first assignment are done!
.. A’sim plan to take me tour Europe next month or month after IN CONDITION hos doctor give a green light to travel.
… Mak always there to help me around even i annoyed her most of the time
.. A’mmar is so clever and adapting well to his motor-skills.
.. someone actually came to me and reveal the truth about everything that had happened and alhamdulillah i can handle things with care.
.. when every time friends and people knows me meet me and said i maintain my body figure (apparently i feel so blotted!)
.. i have a super wonderful family!
.. my new hair color is awesome!..hahhahaha

Alhamdulillah im grateful of everything that is happening now. Thank you Allah s.w.t for all the juicy nikmat you gave to me. Alhamdulillah.


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