Finally we have our time together for the photo shoot sessions. Glad that ACT Production are available on that day and superly glad that everything went well. Ive editted few pictures by myself. (thanks to picasa) and cant wait for the final touch up from ACT Production.

**Condolence to Alin Anuar for her brother in law who passed away last 3 days due to heart failure and also condlolence to Fina Merican and family for their lost of Cik La due to brain cancer kot. Al-Fathihah….Semoga digolongkan dengan orang-orang yang beriman InsyAllah…Amiiinnn

5 thoughts on “Familia

  1. omg! blue! i love blue! noice! photoshoot utk raya apa ni cik jah? weh aritu aku ke sect 7, jammed gila please! rupanya org melayu (i didnt see much chinese there) bduyun2 pi celebrate chap goh meh whatever near i-city. and oh, a'mmar in songkok is sooooo charming!! 5 bintang!!


  2. yanadeh: i knew it you would love it!!! its not for raya la! (maybe can be use it for card raya kot nanati..hahah)…its for our family shoot sayang…i-city sangat famous plis!..ada lampu lampan…am going there tonight…hahaha..nanti ku updates ok…and dear, why cant i view your blog? takkan PRIVATE kan kot macam seseorg itew? HAHAHAHAHA

    nurrrrriil: it is super fantastic kan? i love it so much!!! tu i edit sendiri (wah nak pujian la ni…) but still belajar so tak leh lawan cik abe you la sayang…nanti bila camera man i dah siap edit i post up the new pictures ok…A'sim tu mmg leh berdiri tapi tak leh lama lah…yang u nampak tak bertongkat tu untuk tatapan gambar semata mata..dia sorg jek tak pakai kasut..sbb tu kene dok belakang..hahaha!..kaki dia recovering slooowwwly


  3. aku tatau bile mention i-city aku akan terbayang periuk nasi and not those fascinating lamps. hahah! oh yeah my blog, it's private since aku tau aku sakit aritu. gimme ur gmail add, later i'll invite ya okies!


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