Flagoff National Football team

The day has finally arrive. Malaysian team- Harimau Muda A under coaching of Mr.Azraai Kor will not be around for 3 month. They will be in Slovakia and Los Angelas for few tournaments. It is a superb opportunity for them.

Last night, us (me & inlaws) send them off to KLIA. Eventhough he is just my brother in law, but im so proud of his achievement. One whole day i accompanied him to look for his stuff and meet him back at KLIA at night time. None of use cried but we wish him good luck and pray for his safeness there.

Shakir feel so proud that we came to say goodbye and it is pity for some of the players just sit at one corner and missing their parents badly. Sedih pls~. Anyway, good luck team! All the best…


5 thoughts on “Flagoff National Football team

  1. duh. apa guna ko letak gambar aku tak kaji pakaian semua orang kan? mata i tajam okies. colour spender semua org pun i boleh nampak tau. ouch. pervert nyer! 😛


  2. semak seyh kau!! aku tgh tukaq ke page baru plak. Page sekarang ni ramai plak tak leh view…harem J!…anyway babes, i got things to tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..check your email from time to time ok


  3. eh did i send comments too many times? server aku ni ngong sket. i thought my comment wasn't sent sbb tiba2 hilang so i ended up submitting byk kali. padan muka ko nyah dapat the same comment byk2. mengapa pula ramai takleh view page ko? aku bukak ok je. just kene refresh byk kali jela. selamat hari maulidur rasul. jangan lupa selawat byk2!!!!!!!


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